Love is Love is Love is Love.
I’ve been called many things in my life, Karen has never been one of them.
Awww HELL NO, he mentioned my DAD!
PS I love People!
  • How does it affect you personally that Joey doesn’t feel like a boy, she actually feels like a girl and would rather be known as Sophie?
  • That Jonathan (VanNess, the absolute Queen of all Non-binary people everywhere) doesn’t feel entirely like a man or entirely like a woman but somewhere in between or both at times?
  • If you are pro-life, why would you take away services and protections that literally save the lives of at-risk youth?
  • Would you rather they be dead from suicide because they don’t feel seen, or heard, or known as their true selves than to let them be and live their lives as their true selves?
  • And finally back to: HOW the actual F*CK does it affect YOU??




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Ilene Liff-Mier

Ilene Liff-Mier

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